Talkin Tarn

Talkin Tarn

Walk Summary

A short, simple but lovely walk around Talkin Tarn before heading out on to the water for some kayaking with my daughter.

Distance: 1.6 miles
Total ascent: 130ft
Walk Rating: *****
Parking: Car park, Talkin Tarn Country Park
Route: Download Route [GPX]

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Walk Report

After a very early start for a walk to Thack Moor and Holl Gill in the morning it was back to Armathwaite for lunch and then a trip out to Talkin Tarn in the afternoon. We'd paid a visit there earlier in the week and had been out rowing on the lake. We'd been planning to go back and do some kayaking and, as this was the last day of our holiday, this was our last chance.

My wife Lisa also fancied going on a run around the tarn so we decided that while she did that Rhiannon and I would walk around. That would give Lisa chance to change after her run and then take some photos of us kayaking.

It was a beautiful sunny day, much nicer than the overcast windy day when we'd visited earlier in the week. We decided to walk anti-clockwise around the tarn. There is no real need to describe the route as it is very obvious. It is clearly a popular spot for families and couples out for a short walk. There were also plenty of dog walkers. The paths were excellent and were suitable for wheelchairs and we saw one lady on her mobility scooter.

The walk itself was lovely and while there were a few optional paths we kept to the main one. It only took us half an hour to walk round, mainly because Rhiannon was walking at quite a pace.

When we got back to the start Lisa was waiting for us. I handed my camera over to her before hiring out a two person kayak from Talkin Adventures for the very reasonable cost of £10. Me and Rhi then spent a very enjoyable half an hour kayaking across the tarn. Afterwards we treated ourselves to something to eat on the balcony of the café overlooking the tarn. A very enjoyable visit indeed!!