Lisa on Murton Fell

High Cup Nick & Murton Fell

Walk Summary

A great walk up the length of High Cup Gill to High Cup Nick, one of the North Pennines' finest features, before returning via Murton Fell and Murton Pike.

Distance: 7.7 miles
Total ascent: 1920ft
Walk Rating: *****
Parking: Car park, Murton
Route: Download Route [GPX]

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Walk Report

I'd kept this one back for my birthday as High Cup Nick had the promise to be one of the North Pennines finest features. It did not disappoint and despite the initially grey conditions I thoroughly enjoyed the walk along the gill and up to High Cup Nick. Lisa struggled a bit in the climb up to the top though that was perhaps not surprising as she had done much walking since giving birth to Rhiannon in the summer.

At the Nick itself we sat down to enjoy some well earned and much needed soup and look back at the view. Backstone Edge looked very impressive from this side, just as it did from the top of Rundale. It is a shame the summit is so flat as the fell itself has many exciting features.

"On the north top of Murton Fell there were a couple of fine cairns including one fashioned as a seat."

The pathless trek to the top of Murton Fell was not as difficult as I had expected and certainly it was much easier than many walks I have been on. Lisa however, having got tired climbing High Cup Gill, found the peaty and tussocky ground quite tough going.

On the north top of Murton Fell there were a couple of fine cairns including one fashioned as a seat. The actual top itself was less distinguished but had decent enough views across to Mickle Fell and Little Fell.

After another pathless trek, this time south-west, we hit the gravel track that descends from Murton Fell around the flank of Murton Pike. Lisa decided she'd rather give the latter a miss so I struck off for this one on my own.

It certainly was a steep little climb but the view from the top was excellent and worth the effort - particularly arresting to the south-east was the profile of Roman Fell, one of the forbidden fells in the Warcop Range. On the way down the sun finally came out properly and, weather wise, this final section of descent was the highlight of the walk.

This was a walk full of interest featuring one of the finest valley scenes in the Pennines, a 2000fter in Murton Fell and one of the finest North Pennine summits on Murton Pike.

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