Great Knipe

Walk Summary

A short walk from near the summit of the A66 to the top of Great Knipe returning to the car via Beldoo Moss - if only I'd remembered my camera!

Distance: 5.5 miles
Total ascent: 630ft
Walk Rating: ***
Parking: Layby, A66
Route: Download Route [GPX]

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Walk Report

I'd chosen this as a relatively short walk to do in the winter but which also had the potential for some great views. I'd cancelled a previous attempt before Christmas due to bad weather. This time I had decent weather for a walk and for taking pictures but for the first time I forgot to pack my camera. My anger and disappointment with myself coloured the rest of the walk and as a result I enjoyed it much less than I should have done.

The old Roman Road proved to be much boggier than anticipated and I had to skirt some of the wetter sections. I barely glanced at Maiden Castle which was a bit stupid but I do plan on returning camera in hand. The cross country walk to Great Knipe proved to be relatively straightforward with Yard Sike and a barbed wire fence the only real obstacles. The view from the top was excellent though to be fair on a clearer day with the Lake District and Mickle Fell in full view it would have been better.

I took a few photos with my new (though cheap) mobile phone in the vain hope I might capture something of what I saw. This being 2008 phone cameras were not great quality. The slightly longer return route followed a number of walls and fences back to the A66. En route I traversed Beldoo Moss which proved to be every bit as wet on the ground as it had promised to be from a glance at the map.

Ironically the constant sike and bog hopping finally took my mind off my missing camera. I also disturbed a snipe making this one of the few times I've seen this bird. Like many places I'll definitely want to go back here because there really is some great potential for getting good photos.