Croglin Fell

Blotting Raise & Croglin Fell

Walk Summary

A cloud enshrouded walk to the top of Blotting Raise and Croglin Fell before returning via the valley of Croglin Water.

Distance: 8.4 miles
Total ascent: 1670ft
Walk Rating: ***
Parking: Roadside, Croglin
Route: Download Route [GPX]

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Walk Report

Resisting the urge to either head for the Lakes or to go back to Weardale I decided to do either this walk or climb Thack Moor from Renwick. The latter was a shorter walk but as I made good time I decided on the Croglin walk.

Although the cloud was hanging over the tops I was still fairly confident when I set off as I expected it to roll up as it did the year before when I climbed Knock Fell. Sadly this time it did not and rather frustratingly I saw nothing from the summits of Blotting Raise or Croglin Fell. Therefore apart from my immediate surrounds I am not much the wiser about the area. The fact that I could use a wide shooting track to virtually reach the top of both fells was a plus point as was the attractive valley of Croglin Water.

The return along the latter unfortunately turned into a bit of a weary slog. The walk was also much harder than it should have been due to a strange pain I started to feel along my right hand side as I drove out to the walk. It meant breathing in was quite painful and there were a couple of occasions where I did consider giving the walk up.

Eventually it did become more bearable but towards the end of the walk when I stopped for my soup my neck suddenly started pounding and so was unable to appreciate the improving weather.

Not the happiest of walks then and due to the long return along the valley I cannot honestly say I would bother doing this again.

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