Watson's Pike / Lilswood Moor

Lilswood Moor

Lilswood Moor is the most north-easterly North Pennines summit over 400m in height and with a prominence of over 30m. It is situated on the western side of the valley of Devil’s Water.

Height (m): 447
Height (ft): 1467
Prominence (m): 64
Classification: Four
Hill No: 16362
Grid Ref: NY884519
OS Map OL43
No. of Visits 1

Lilswood Moor is separated from the higher moor of Harwood Side by a hidden little valley between the gathering grounds of Linn Burn and the top of Rowantree Cleugh. This area features a shooting hut a covered reservoir and some pipe lines. Two old ways, Long Drag and Broad Way cross the north-eastern flanks for Lilswood Moor. Broad Way passes not far from the highest point and is probably the easiest route to the summit.

Lilswood Moor from Long Drag
Lilswood Moor from Long Drag

Broad Way can be followed all the way from Fell View in East Allendale or, by far the quickest approach, from Kingslaw Plantation to the north-east. An alternative approach is either via Long Drag and then on to Broad Way or, if approaching from the top of Devil’s Water, a shooting track that climbs up from Harwood Shield. This track terminates just a 100m or so to the south of the summit.

The Ordnance Survey trig point on the top of Lilswood Moor
The Ordnance Survey trig point on the top of Lilswood Moor

The highest point of Lilswood Moor is called Watson’s Pike and is marked by a currick and an Ordnance Survey trig point. The currick is not in a good state and is really nothing more than a pile of stones next to the trig point. The latter was built on 19th October 1951 just days apart from the trig points on Warlaw and Bulbeck Common on the opposite side of Devil’s Water.

Lilswood Moor from Bulbeck Common
Lilswood Moor from Bulbeck Common

The view from Watson’s Pike is excellent. There is a 180 degree angle where there is no higher ground for many miles. The view over the Tyne valley is especially extensive whilst almost directly north the huge bulk of The Cheviot can be seen 42 miles away if visibility is good.

The Tyne valley from Lilswood Moor
The Tyne valley from Lilswood Moor

Lilswood Moor Walks

20th July 2019 – Distance: 11.5 miles: Spartylea – Long Drag – Harwood Side – Long Drag – Broad Way – Lilswood Moor – Broad Way – Pikeley Rigg – Tedham Moss – Green Hill – Fell View – St Peter’s Church – Spartylea.
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